You can now invest in over 2000 Mutual Funds through ZERODHA

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Yes, you heard it right, you can invest in over 2000 Mutual Funds through ZERODHA online with Zero fees.

However, why should you invest through OPTIONS PROFIT TRADING (OPT) and how ZERODHA is different from others?

  • You get 12 hours of FREE TRAINING on Technical Analysis and Investing & Trading in Stock Markets which is worth of Rs.8,000/-.
  • You will receive FREE material on Stock market Investing & Trading which is worth of Rs.2,000/-.
  • You will get access to OPT Advisory services for 2 months absolutely for FREE.
  • You will be eligible for SPECIAL OFFERS from OPT and many more.
  • Please CLICK HERE and leave your contact details to open two in one Mutual Fund, Trading & Demat account through Options Profit Trading (OPT) and start investing in Mutual Funds / Stocks / Currencies / Commodities through India’s no.1 discount broker.

How ZERODHA is different from others? What are the advantages of investing through ZERODHA?


  • Search any fund, Analyze historical performance and Buy/Sell with just one click online.
  • You can choose to invest as lump sum or SIP.



  • Zero fees. Mutual fund investments similar to investing in stocks at Zerodha will be absolutely brokerage free.
  • Among the first few platforms in India to offer convenience of holding mutual funds in your demat account along with all your stock holdings. A single portfolio view for all your investments.
  • Investments using a demat account also ensure that your dependents get easy access in case something unforeseen were to happen in the future.
  • Similar to how you can pledge stocks, exchange approved mutual funds (list will be shared soon) can be pledged to receive margin for trading F&O. Essentially investing in mutual funds at Zerodha will be very similar to investing in stocks.


  • For the first time in India you can now set conditional orders which  track the NAV price. Whenever your preset NAV trigger price is reached, an order with value  to buy or redeem mutual fund units is placed.  NAV’s are declared by mutual funds before 11pm everyday, and such NAV tracking conditional orders are placed before 8 am next trading day if your set NAV trigger is met, to ensure you get to buy or redeem immediately.
  • These orders are good or valid until cancelled. An email alert is sent as soon as any conditional order is placed. This will ensure that you don’t have to keep checking NAV prices, and can run your investments in MF on an auto mode.


  • You can place similar orders like above to redeem mutual fund units by visiting your portfolio and clicking on redeem. You can also cancel all pending conditional orders and view your order history as shown below.



  • SIP or systematic investing plan is when you invest small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. This is a very popular way of investing and rupee cost averaging over long period of time ensures that investor gets maximum value even with volatility in the markets.
  • Traditional mutual fund platforms require you to sign up ECS or NACH mandate so that these small periodical amounts can be debited from your bank accounts. This is quite a tedious on-boarding process, and requires one mandate for every fund house.
  • On the Zerodha MF platform, you can start as many SIP’s as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms. As long as you have funds available in your Zerodha trading account on the buying date set by you based on your SIP interval, the SIP order will be placed. We will also send an email alert before the SIP date.


  • All SIP orders can be paused and restarted anytime by visiting the SIP menu as shown below.



  • There are three funds selected for you to get started investing in mutual funds. A diversified fund for long term wealth creation with no lock-in period, a tax saving fund to create long term wealth but with a lock-in period, and a debt fund for fixed income with no equity exposure.


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