Flexi Courses


This course is specifically designed for the people who wants to learn ADVANCED TECHNICAL ANALYSIS or OPTIONS TRADING STRAGEGIES or both, but cannot spare their time continuously on weekends to attend live training sessions. On completion of this course you will have sound knowledge to plan, execute and manage trades with complete control on Risk and Money Management. In short this course will enable you to become professional trader in Stock/F&O/Commodity/Currency markets. This course also offers 50% discount compared to live training sessions.We also provide 3 months post training support, material, tools and e-books written on Technical Analysis, Traders psychology and Options Strategies which are worth of above Rs.10,000/-. This is not all, you will also receive our Premium Advisory calls for 2 months for FREE. Please see more details below.

Course Details

This is a unique training offer from TradeAssyst to learn complete comprehensive course on Advanced Technical Analysis and Options Trading Strategies, especially for the people who wants flexible timings and cannot spare their time continuously on weekends to attend live training sessions. Very importantly you can avail this course at a price 50% less compare to what we charge for live sessions. Training through Recorded Sessions is nothing but attending live sessions but at your convenience, the video links that we will send you are recorded sessions of best online training sessions we have conducted so far using world class training platform with best Video, clear Audio, Desktop sharing, Whiteboards, Chatting, Polls, etc. So, we are sure you will feel like in live online session.

As these sessions are recorded from live online sessions you will get access to all the questions asked by audience (with clear audio) and our detailed explanation to those queries using live charts. The best part of this program is, the links we will send you to access course videos will have no expiry date, so it means you can play these videos as many times as you want, you can play them forward and backward if you cannot catch any part of session as you wish. Technical Analysis video links contains 32 hours of complete training on Advanced Technical Analysis with number of examples explained with live charts, and Options Trading Strategies video links contains 16 hours of complete training on all the Options Strategies explaining importance of each strategy, how each strategy to be applied, which strategy to be chosen based on the market conditions, special events, non-directional and directional strategies, best hedging techniques, how to reduce cost of hedging, generating regular monthly income through Options Trading, Protecting or Insuring your portfolio with Options and a lot more. You will be 100% satisfied with this training.

We understand you may have some queries after going through above listed recorded sessions and you would like to directly clarify them with us, so to answer all your queries in detail with examples we will schedule 4 hours live online session after you complete my course, and you can utilize this session to clarify your doubts by directly speaking to us through live online session. We will also provide you one month support through email or phone for any of your quick queries. That’s not all, We will provide you plenty of material and famous E-books written on Technical Analysis, Traders psychology and Options Strategies which are worth of more than 10000/-. We will also provide you very useful Checklists, Commission calculator, Trade planner cum tracker tools which are very useful for planning and reviewing your trades.

Flexi Course Training Fees:

Advanced Technical Analysis – Rs.5,500/- only (You save 40%).

Options Trading Strategies – Rs.3,500/- only (You save 40%).

Pro Trading – Rs.7,500/- only (You save 50%).