Premium Advisory


The objective of this service is to generate 40 to 50% annual returns on your investment. This service is not for the people who expects to double their money in a month or quarter and not for someone who wants entertainment from trading but not returns. All the trades are on NIFTY Options and/or Futures only, and all are strategically hedged positional trades. So, no need to worry about overnight carrying risk. NIFTY is the highly traded script in India with greatest liquidity in Current, Next and even in Far month contracts. NIFTY Futures or Options gives lowest difference between Bid and Offer price (Slippage), so you can easily enter and exit your trades any time without any waiting time.

You will know your max risk and max reward while entering into trade itself. Client should take all the trades given by us as strategies will be adjusted some times to maximize profits or to reduce risk. There will be max 2 open positions at any given point of time. Strategies include both non directional and directional strategies. Two or three trading strategies per month. Holding period will be 1 to 6 weeks. Minimum capital required is 1.8 lacs and no maximum limit. Money will be in your trading account and operated by you. 40 to 50% returns per year. All the trading strategies and follow-up calls will be delivered through SMS. As these are positional trades you will have enough time to enter and exit the trades. Completely stress free trading without worrying about overnight risks.

Sample Calls

  • Buy NIFTY FUTURES in Oct series between 7850 and 7860; and Buy NIFTY 7800 PUT in Oct series between 146 and 150 rupees.
  • Sell NIFTY 8000 CALL in Oct series around 120 rupees and Buy 8200 CALL in Oct series around 40 rupees; Clients with 1.5 lacs capital trade with 2 lots and those with 3 lacks capital trade with 4 lots.
  • Book profit in NIFTY 8000 & 8200 spread; i.e. BUY 8000 CALL in Oct series around 30 rupees and SELL 8200 CALL around 10 rupees.

Value Addition

As a value addition, we will also let you know (through our FREE ADVISORY blog) with charts whenever opportunities for positional trades in cash market arises for medium term (6 months to 2 yrs) and short term (less than 6 months) investments. Such advices are only for building equity portfolio in parallel to your trading activity, and it is suggested that clients invest only 5% of their Equity capital in such stocks.

Premium Advisory Charges

This subscription charge is 60% less compared to any other service providers in the market. We are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with this service. If you want to gain confidence on this service you can take 1 month TRIAL absolutely for FREE. You can observe the calls and then take a decision to join Paid Service after one month of FREE TRIAL.

3 months: Rs.4000/-

6 months: Rs.6000/-

1 Year: Rs.10000/-

1 Month Free Trial